Find your calm

Find your calm

Find your calm Find your calm Find your calm

Begin to counteract the effects of stress on the mind & body with magically soothing treatments


Foot & Facial Reflexology

why reflexology?

Easy & Relaxing

Reflexology is safe and non-invasive, and it can be administered with little disturbance, even to very sick and bedridden clients. Only shoes and socks need be removed for foot reflexology, and nothing at all needs to be removed for hand reflexology.


Reflexology increases the blood and lymph circulations. This encourages the release of toxins that may have become trapped due to a poor circulatory system. If these toxins become trapped in lymph nodes this can lead to illness.

This is very helpful to older clients that are having difficulty with movement as reflexology is one of the only therapys that stimulates the body's circulation ensuring illness doesn't set in

Stress & Sleep

One of the biggest benefits of reflexology is that it triggers the body's "rest and repair" nervous system, thus allowing the body an opportunity to bring itself into balance, or homeostasis. We may assist our bodies to heal, but ultimately, it is always our own body that performs this task. Reflexology assists in this process and regular reflexology helps the body to maintain this balance and help free itself from stress and the symptoms associated with it like lack of sleep, anxiety and depression.

Hormone Balance

Due to the way reflexology works on the body, it is particularly effective in helping balance hormones. It is therefore useful at all stages of our lives. Teenagers and peri-menopausal women find reflexology particularly effective.

Muscular & Skeletal Pain

Pain relief is achieved by working reflexes directly associated with the area of pain  or associated systems like the nervous system for skeletal pain and the endocrine system for Migraines and headaches.

Other Conditions

Conditions that may benefit from reflexology include but are not limited to Autoimmune disorders, Hormonal Imbalances (Diabetes/Thyroid, etc.), Back Pain, Headaches, Foot Pain (such as Plantar Fasciitis), Digestive Issues, and Renal Issues.