Corporate well being days

Workplace Wellbeing Days

Office & Workplace visits

When was the last time your staff focused on their wellbeing?

Revitalise your team on a day just for them. Our Workplace Wellbeing Days give staff the opportunity to focus on their wellness and teaches them tools and techniques to help deal with everyday stresses.

We will work with you to create a package tailored to the needs of your staff. Remind them of the importance of their own wellbeing as they experience a tailored taster sessions.

All I will need is a quite room and agreed time slot allocation

Corporate wellbeing days can offer employers

- Increased productivity, motivation and creativity 

- Reduction in sick absences 

- Strengthened staff morale

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Allow us to transform a space into a relaxation room with LED candles, aromatherapy blends and calming music. 

30 min Stress treatments are recommended